Shraddha Kapoor's Health Tip Of The Day Will Crack You Up

Stars, they’re just like us! They love binging on comfort foods on the weekend like we do. Shraddha Kapoor recently shared a story on Instagram where she shared a hilarious health tip that featured a montage of Shraddha enjoying various foods like croissants, dosa and jalebi alongside a caption, “Don’t eat ice cream, chocolate, pizzas, momo, pani puri.” The cheeky caption ended with, “... without me.”

Shraddha has often taken to Instagram to share her love for food and her first social media post of the year was a compilation of her best food moments from 2023. She can be seen indulging in almost every kind of food, be it dhokla, smoothies, pasta, mangoes, salads, chaats, modaks and a lot more! 

Shraddha’s fans have been curious to find out details about her diet and wellness routines; she was widely praised for being in amazing shape in her last film Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar where she stunned in a few swimwear looks. However, her social media is proof that Shraddha doesn’t believe in depriving herself when it comes to food. Shraddha’s trainer Maahek Nair has talked about the actor’s go-to fitness rituals and revealed that Shraddha, who is a vegetarian usually swears by homecooked food.

Nair has shared that to get in shape for TJMM, Shraddha trained at 5:30 am every day and did a mix of total body resistance and ViPR, along with a combination of pilates, short sprints, side runs, lunge walks etc. “Totally loveeeeed the way you looked on screen . It’s all discipline and consistency of repetitive efforts. I am so so happy to be your Coach , my heart is filled with joy , Totally Blessed !” Nair wrote on Instagram, praising Shraddha.

“Shraddha is a huge foodie who loves ghar ka khana, especially dal, chawal and pickle. So, initially, it was difficult to put her on a diet. But now she herself chooses healthy options and doesn’t binge on anything. She pre-plans her meals in such a way that a healthy option is always at hand,” Nair revealed in an interview for Money Control.

 "In phase one, where she had a lot of dancing and shooting in extreme heat for long hours, I put her on moderate carbs, protein and fat diet. Some of the dishes included tofu steak with lots of veggies, sprout salad, beetroot and paneer tikki, sprout and spinach tikki, gluten-free pasta with veggies, etc. She was on a lot of liquids as it was extremely hot. Vegetable juices, amla, ginger and turmeric juice, BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) powder supplements, lemon water with mint, etc., were added to tackle dehydration,” Nair added.