Shraddha Kapoor's Joy At Poha With Bhujia Is Utterly Relatable
Image Credit: Shraddha Kapoor/ Instagram

In past interviews, actor Shraddha Kapoor has opened up about how big of a foodie she is. The actor has many times said that her fit physique often disguises people into believing that she hardly eats anything or survives on a strict diet routine. However, she has often proved with her Instagram stories and social media posts that she is a big foodie who relishes all traditional Indian cuisine and dishes from across the world.

Whether the actor has been to Goa or enjoying her favourite meals at home, she never shies away from sharing it with her fans. The fashionista has often been seen prioritising her food. In one of the shoot videos, she wrote that she wanted to finish as soon as possible because her pizza was getting cold.

Shraddha Kapoor Shares Glimpses Of What’s In Her Lunch Box

Image Credit: Shraddha Kapoor/ Instagram

Her latest Instagram story takes her fans inside her lunch box. The actor shared a glimpse of carrying poha and topping it with sev. Her caption read, “Dabbe mein poha dekhne ki khushi hi kuch aur hai (See poha in the lunch box is happiness).” The dish is a staple in many Indian households. In fact, Maharashtra’s kanda poha and Indori poha are among a few variants that are famous across the country. 

Flattened rice soaked and mixed with sauteed onions, green chillies, turmeric powder, and a few herbs is a popular Indian dish that is often consumed for breakfast and snacks. It is healthy and wholesome, therefore, many people add it to their weight loss diet as well. 

Shraddha Kapoor’s Instagram Proves She Is A Foodie

It’s not just poha that Shraddha Kapoor likes. The Bollywood actor has her priority set and looks like she religiously follows this Hindi phrase, ‘pehle pet pooja fir kaam duja (food is the top priority)’. When the actor was in Goa on March 15, 2024, she shared a short reel telling her fans that all she ate on her trip were French fries.

In another Instagram, Kapoor was spotted enjoying poha and a delicious chocolate dessert. Before celebrating New Year 2024, the actor shared a wrap of 2023 in which she shared her love for food. From eating pani puri or enjoying pasta, she conveyed the fact that her world revolves around food much like any other foodie.

Another one of Shraddha Kapoor’s favourites is tea. She loves to drink tea, especially when it is accompanied by a head massage and a relaxing session after that. Kapoor has a following of 88.6 million on Instagram, and it is safe to say that her fans love her authentic and foodie personality a lot.