Shocked At ‘Maggi’ And ‘Chocolate’ Gol Gappas? Check Out The Viral ‘Rabri’ Version
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @youtubeswadofficial

Gol gappa is definitely one of the most loved street foods of all time. No matter which region you might be in, you’ll definitely find a version of it around. A favourite at every chaat stall, there is something about the crisp puri, stuffed with masala and dipped in a spicy and tangy paani that makes us drool every single time. And on top of that, there are so many experiments with gol gappas that we simply can’t resist any. Be it with the masalas, the dahi or the spices, the versatility is irresistible. Talk of gol gappa chaat, dahi gol gappa, stuff gol gappa and even pizza-style gol gappa, and tell us you didn’t slurp? However, let’s just accept that not all food experiments are great. While there might be some that impress us to no end, certain bizarre food combinations might leave us confused and disappointed at times.  

A recent wave of bizarre food combinations has already hit us hard on social media. And adding to the list of chocolate vada pav, chocolate pakoda, ice cream chole bhature and so on, is ‘rabri gol gappa’ that has left many people disgusted. Yes, you read that right.

In a recent video shared by food blogger @youtubeswadofficial, we see a street side vendor making a plate full of rabri gol gappas. The video begins with the vendor holding a plate of puris. He begins by filing a spoonful of rabri inside them. Next, he adds sweet green- and pink-coloured sugar syrups, and then finishes off by garnishing the candy pieces, ice and dry fruits. Take a look at this bizarre video here:

The video has more than 265k views, over 16K likes and hundreds of comments. While it may have gone viral, the reactions were mostly of utter disappointment. 

"Golgappe ko kyun bigaadne pr tule ho yar?" (Why are you trying to ruin gol gappa?), wrote one user. Another user said, "Abe yaar ye khane ke sath kyu aisa karte hai. Original India ka taste chala jayega." (Why do they do this with food? The original taste of Indian food will get lost). Someone added, "Like seriously what the hell is this!" Another comment read, "They are just destroying the authenticity of the food by showing all this." 

Other than this, many people have said 'no' to this bizarre creation. Would you try this bizarre combination? Let us know.