Shilpa Shetty’s Wholesome Kanjak Is Melting Our Hearts
Image Credit: Shilpa Shetty/Instagram, The actor makes poori, chana and halwa for Kanjak.

Navratri celebrations are about to end and everyone is eagerly waiting for Dussehra. On the last two days before Dussehra, people usually complete the fasting season with a Kanya Pujan. In this, nine young girls (below the age of 13) are worshipped and treated to a delicious feast, since girls are considered goddesses, according to Hindu religion.

Shilpa Shetty is one such actor who can slay at parties and other social gatherings while being deeply connected to her culture. A spiritual soul, who loves celebrating each festival with utmost fervour and joy, Shilpa ended this Navratri season with a kanya puja on ashtami (the eighth day of fasting period). During this puja, a feast of chana, poori and halwa is prepared. Going with the same spirit, we saw Shilpa serving little girls at home on this day.

Kanjak Thali

She posted a video on her Instagram stories where we spotted nine girls and one boy sitting in one line on the carpeted floor and each one had a plate full of food in front of them. On the plate, we could see halwa, poori, chana, and a banana. While the entire scene looked very wholesome, what melted our hearts is the way the actor and mother-of-two was feeding a banana to a little girl.

In fact, the reason behind serving these particular dishes on the kanjak thali is based on the nutritional benefits they provide to the person. Since the fasting season involves several dietary restrictions, the combination of kala chana, poori, and sooji halwa helps the body come back in place. For instance, the chana is full of fibre that helps to cleanse the digestive system, along with maintaining cholesterol. Similarly, the sooji used in making the halwa is known for regulating blood sugar and contributing to the fibre intake of the body.

Across Hindu households, many people celebrate kanjak or kanya puja on the eighth day (ashtami), while others perform the rituals on the ninth day (navami). Shilpa is not the only actor who’s doing this. Kajol and many others were also seen enjoying this time of the year with their family and friends.