Ashtami Puja 2021: What To Serve For Kanjak?

Today is the last day of the seven day long navratri vrat. On the eight day of Navratri puja, that is Ashtami (or Durgashtami), Hindu households celebrate Kanchike or Kanjak. A prasad is prepared and served to goddess Durga as well as young girls below the age of nine years. 

Some household also conduct this puja on ninth instead of eighth called Navmi. After the puja part of the ceremony, a prasad is presented. Foods like kala chana, sooji ka halwa and puri is offered. Here are recipe ideas to help prepare the kanchike Prasad. 

Kala Chana 

The kala chana is an integral part of the serving. The prep and cooking of this recipe is straightforward and simple. Onion and garlic continue to be omitted from the recipe but there is no real restriction on such foods after the seventh day of the Navratri. 

Sooji ka Halwa

A favourite dessert in everyone’s household, the puja remains incomplete with a bowl of sooji ka halwa. The recipe below is very easy and requires very few ingredients. You can also add your spin to the recipe with the addition of roasted chopped nuts and if you have it on hand some pices of saffron. 

Atte ka Halwa

Alternatively you can also prepare atte ka halwa either in place of or along with the sooji halwa. This is a little tougher to prepare but the end product is completely satisfying. 


To go with the halwa and kala chana, it is customary to serve some freshly fried puri. You can prepare the dough in advance and just roll and fry the puri on the day of the celebration. 

Aloo ki Sabzi

While this is not a compulsion, some people also prepare a simple aloo ki sabzi and serve it to their kanjak on Ashtami puja.