Shilpa Shetty's Binges On Pancakes At This Mumbai Restaurant

Shilpa Shetty’s Sunday binges are legendary and continuing the streak of setting cheat day goals, the actress shared yet another fun weekend afternoon she spent gorging on some decadent desserts. The video that she posted recently started off with a glimpse of a stack of pancakes garnished with white and milk chocolate chips, and showed her waiting as the server torched the meringue on top of her cracked cookie dessert.

The delectable spread of sweet treats also included an ice cream sundae topped off with cotton candy and garnished with fresh berries as well as a caramel drizzle, which Shetty took a bite of and then went on to unveil a pull-me-up cake that was a chocolate sponge sandwiching white chocolate frosting layers. On the table was also a portion of a delicious strawberry French toast that was decorated with slivered almonds and whipped cream. As Shilpa took a bite of her skillet cookie dessert, she reacted with her signature expression of being in foodie heaven.

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Dressed down in a black T-shirt and blue jeans, the actress divulged that she was celebrating the recent success of her latest OTT release – Indian Police Force, while also joking that she would have gone ahead and enjoyed her treats irrespective of the occasion. Known to serve up some of the best seafood and desserts in Mumbai, Shilpa is also the co-owner of Bastian – which also opened its doors to diners atop a commercial space in Worli, last year.