Shilpa Shetty's Binge Celebrates Mysore Pak & Karnataka Sweets
Image Credit: Instagram/Shilpa Shetty

From enjoying delicious and cheesy pizzas to plenty of Gujarati farsaan, Shilpa Shetty Kundra never shies away from indulging in food while managing to stay perfectly fit. The one thing she always manages to do while indulging in all these goodies is to give us all food goals, especially with her sneak peek into what to eat while in certain cities around India and the world. Shilpa Shetty did this beautifully with her visit to Ahmedabad in August, and now she’s done it again with Mysore, Karnataka. 

In a recent post on Instagram, Shilpa Shetty reveals that she’s on a shoot in Mysore, the Karnataka city known for being the capital of Tipu Sultan and housing the beautiful Mysore Palace. But while most people enjoy the stunning view and great weather in Mysore, Shilpa Shetty wants people to know that an even better view is provided by the stunning dishes, especially sweets, that the city is famed for. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Hebbars Kitchen

“If you come to Mysore and don’t taste Mysore Pak, it would be an injustice,” Shilpa Shetty can be heard saying in the video post. She then goes on to explain that chance, fate and Sunday have combined together to create the perfect, Mysore-special “Sunday binge” for her in the form of plates full of sweets the city and the state are known for.  

To begin with, Shilpa Shetty showed off a plate full of different kinds of Mysore Pak—yes, there are varieties of the sweet dish found in the city apart from the classic version! On her plate particularly was one Mysore Pak made with jaggery, one made with sugar and ghee, and a large slab of Mysore Pak which she referred to as “authentic Mysore Pak”. Saying that she can smell the ghee on this from far away, Shilpa Shetty can be seen taking a generous bite of Mysore Pak and enjoying it thoroughly. 

Next up, Shilpa Shetty indulged in a familiar looking sweet dish. “In North India, this is called Imarti, but here in Karnataka it is called Jangiri and I love this,” she exclaimed before taking a bite of this authentic Karnataka sweet too. Then she moved on to authentic Soan Halwa from Karnataka. Adorned with dry fruits and smelling of ghee once again, this sweet dish was also much loved by the actress. 

Once she introduced the audience to all of these sweets from Mysore, Shilpa Shetty then shared the plates of sweets with her entire team. Clearly enjoying every bit of her stay and Sunday binge, Shilpa Shetty proved through this post that when in Mysore—or any city in India for that matter—indulging in the best, authentic and popular dishes of the region and city is simply a must for all foodies.