Shilpa Shetty Indulges In Ravioli, Breakfast Pastries In Tuscany

If there is someone who knows how to make the most of her travels and sample some amazing food, it is Shilpa Shetty. The actress, who has been spending time vacationing in Tuscany shared glimpses of her rather enjoyable holiday on social media – where she posted a sneak peek of her dinner. The expertly plated meal, which appeared to be freshly made stuffed ravioli with brown butter and root chips was accompanied by a mini dinner roll. Following this, Shilpa also took her followers on a walk as she filmed the extensive variety of breakfast pastries at her hotel the next morning.

Showing slices of what appeared to be a pie with an apricot filling, the actress panned her camera to show a decadent Ciambellone Rocher or Rocher donut cake. Following this, the video also showed a half-sliced lemon loaf cake, as well as a Torta Amalfi or Amalfi cake that was vanilla sponge cake sandwiching a creamy yellow frosting. In addition, glimpses of chocolate-coated cookies also made a flash appearance along with a chocolate swirl babka, ‘Roberto’s’ Granola with nuts and an endless supply of flaky croissants and Danishes.

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The expansive buffet spread also included some high quality Italian dark chocolate or Scaglie di Cioccolato Fondente that was chopped into smaller pieces, brioche donuts and a dedicated section to vegan lemon pie, almond-studded loaf cake, croissants topped with seeds. Labelling herself as ‘#breakfastgirl,’ Shilpa seemed excited to indulge herself with Viennoiserie. Later on, the actress was also seen sporting a casual look and admiring young grapes at a vineyard.