8 Popular Indian Cool Drinks To Beat The Summer Heat

Indian summers demand refreshing beverages to combat the extreme heat.  Traditional drinks not only help you beat the intense heat but also offer instant comfort through beverages like Aam Panna, lassi, a creamy yoghurt drink, shikanji, a tart lemonade, and thandai, a thick milk beverage flavoured with spices, which provide relief from the heat. 

Made from fruit and flower extracts like rose, bael fruit and more, they soothe the body and facilitate digestion. In addition to satisfying thirst, these Indian beverages offer vital nutrients and hydration needed to endure the intense summer heat.

Here is a list of drinks from North Indian cuisine to keep cool in this hot summer:

1. Shikanji:

Shikanji, often referred to as Indian lemonade or nimbu pani, is a cool summertime beverage that is made by blending fresh lemon juice, water, sugar or honey, and a small amount of salt. You can also add mint leaves or roasted cumin powder for flavour. Shikanji is a good choice during the summer because it helps quench your thirst in hot temperatures, aids with digestion, restores electrolytes lost through perspiration, and helps with hydration.

Video credit: YouTube/ Kunal Kapur

2. Kokum Sherbet:

Kokum fruit extract in the form of pulp or syrup, sugar, salt, and water are combined to make kokum sherbet, a cool summertime beverage. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, stir, cool, and serve the drink with ice cubes. Kokum sherbet is a popular and nourishing beverage during the hot summer months because it helps calm the body, reduces dehydration, and is rich in antioxidants that provide energy through the hot days.

3. Thandai:

A tasty and nutritious drink that is used in the summer to beat the heat is thandai. To make thandai, an Indian traditional beverage, milk is mixed with sugar, cardamom, saffron, melon seeds, almonds, cashews, and pistachios. This is a rich, aromatic concoction that is usually served cold, especially during Holi celebrations. It helps cool the body, replenish energy, and provide essential nutrients from nuts and spices.

4. Bael Sherbet:

Bael Sherbet is a great summertime beverage because of its cooling qualities, high fibre content that aids in digestion, and rich vitamin C content that boosts immunity. Soak the pulp of bael (wood apple) in water for the entire night, strain to get rid of the seeds and fibres, and then combine it with sugar, salt, and a tiny bit of black salt to make bael sherbet. Serve it cool or add ice cubes. It also aids in hydrating the body, reducing heat strokes, and reviving the mind.

5. Ganne Ka Ras:

Crushing fresh sugarcane stalks to release the sweet liquid is how ganne ka ras, or sugarcane juice, is made. It is an advantageous summertime beverage because it is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ganne Ka Ras facilitates better digestion, increases energy, hydrates the body, and cools the body during the hot summer days. It can be garnished with some crushed mint leaves and lemons before serving.

6. Sattu Drink:

A classic Indian summertime beverage, Sattu Drink is made with roasted gram flour (sattu), water, lemon juice, salt, and occasionally mint or cumin for flavour. To make it, combine sattu with water, lemon juice, salt, and spices. You can even add finely chopped onion and ginger for a bite and to improve flavours. Because of its cooling qualities, high fibre content, and capacity to hydrate and restore electrolytes, Sattu drink is a healthy and hydrating option for surviving the summer heat.

7. Rose Sharbat:

In India's sweltering summers, it's a popular choice because it offers a refreshing flavour and aroma. Fresh rose petals are blended with sugar, water, and occasionally cardamom or kewra for Rose Sharbat preparation. After that, the mixture is strained out to leave behind a fragrant and calming beverage. Rose sharbat has cooling qualities, can help hydrate the body, and has a calming impact on the digestive system, making it a good summertime beverage.

8. Lassi:

In India, lassi is a favourite summertime beverage that is made by combining yoghurt with sugar, water, and occasional flavourings like rose water or fruits like mango. Because it cools, hydrates the body, and restores electrolytes, lassi is a go-to beverage in hot weather. It eases stomach discomfort, promotes better digestion, and gives you a sudden energy boost. It's a tasty and adaptable beverage to beat the summer heat because of its creamy texture and variety of flavours.