Sherbet VS Sorbet: Know The Differences And The Way To Make Them
Image Credit: Unsplash

The summer season demands everyone to have a heavy intake of cold and hydrating delicacies. While there are so many coolers, water-rich fruits and vegetables, frozen desserts, and ice creams to choose from, there is nothing as satisfying as having a bowl full of frozen desserts.

But while exploring and choosing from a wide array of frozen desserts, you might have been confused between similar-looking sherbet and sorbet. Hearing the similar names and looking at their pastel shades, you might wonder about the differences between the two. If you want to know some distinct differences between sorbet and sherbet, here is everything you need to know and the way to make summer desserts yourself.

Differences Between Sorbet And Sherbet

One of the major differences between sorbet and sherbet is the ingredients. Sorbet is a dairy-free frozen dessert that is the perfect option for vegans and people with allergies and dietary restrictions. Sorbet solely relies on getting the most out of the natural sweetness and fibre content of the fruits.

Unlike sorbet, sherbet has an added touch of dairy. Apart from the fruits, any dairy product like fresh milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, condensed milk, or milk powder is added to make a smooth serving of sherbet. You can also think of sherbet as a dessert that is in the middle of a spectrum of ice creams and sorbet.

Another highlighting difference between the two is the texture and consistency of their scoops. While sorbet has an icy texture due to the milk content, sherbet has a silkier texture. Sorbet is also a lighter dessert option than sherbet, which is more filling.

How To Make Sorbet?

To make the dairy-free frozen dessert, you will require a ripe fruit, some sugar, and a little lemon juice. You can take any fruit of your choice, like mango, strawberry, melon, litchi, etc, peel it and chop it into smaller pieces. Then, you can blend the fruit chunks to get a smooth consistency. Next, mix in sugar and lemon juice and churn the mixture in an ice cream maker. When you get a thick mixture, freeze it till the sorbet is set, and you will have a fruity summer dessert ready.

How To Make Sherbet?

For sherbet, you will need a fruit of your choice, some milk or heavy cream, and powdered sugar. You can start by blending a seasonal fruit to make a smooth puree. Then, blend in powdered sugar till it is completely dissolved. Next, you can add milk or cream and blend till you get a creamy mixture. Now, all you need to do is churn it in an ice cream maker and freeze it for a few hours. Once you get the desired consistency, you can serve your homemade sherbet.