If you get tired of eating the same ice cream day in and day out, maybe you can grab some gelato or sorbet next time. Of all the interesting flavors which gelato and sorbet have, you will be tempted to eat at least a few scoops! Both the variations make use of the bounty of quality, fresh ingredients.   

But if you don’t know which one to order, here, we have pointed out the differences to help you out —


You may see that gelato is slightly creamier and has a thick texture, whereas sorbet is like frozen water. That is the first impression you get. Gelato immediately reminds you of Italy, where it is eaten with a happy heart. Scooping out the flavourful bites out of the cup is like a rite of passage when you are in Italy. On the other hand, the sorbet will take you back to that amazing summer in high school days eating popsicles. You had probably just mixed some sweetened juice, fruit puree, and water together. However, it was such a relief from the summer heat! Some restaurants may use sorbet as a palate cleanser, too.  

The difference is that sorbet is just sugar and fruit thereby promising a burst of freshness. Sorbet is churned in an ice-maker machine. It is high in sugar and the absence of dairy does not make it a healthy vegan alternative. On the other hand, gelato is a rich dessert whose composition is very different from that of ice cream. Most of what you see in gelato is 100% flavor. There is certainly cream, egg yolks, milk, and flavoring agents in gelato, however, the way that gelato is prepared is that less air is allowed in when the milk is churned so that it does not become fluffy. The gelato is the by-product of churned milk.  

So, have you finally decided what you prefer? Whether it is gelato or sorbet, we bet that you’ll love them as much as we all love ice cream!