Shefali Shah Relishes Akuri, Monkey Bread And More In Kasauli
Image Credit: Instagram: @shefalishahofficial

Shefali Shah is a sought-after Bollywood actress who is known for her versatile acting. Most recently, the actress appeared on-screen in a heart-wrenching movie, “Three of Us”. The International Emmy Awards Nominee for Best Actress is also known to be a foodie who has shared her love for food on various occasions.

Back in 2021, Shefali Shah also ventured into the hospitality industry with her restaurant, “Jalsa”, proving her love for food, curating recipes, and giving others a luxurious experience. The 51-year-old actress recently shared some sneak peeks of mouth-watering delicacies she indulged in while in Kasauli. Read on to know what was on Shefali Shah’s plate.

Shefali Shah’s Kasauli Indulgences

Amidst the scorching heat of the summer season, just like everyone, Shefali Shah travelled to Himachal Pradesh. She recently posted all about her cosy stay in Kasauli and most importantly, what she ate during the trip. Starting with Akuri, the Parsi-style scrambled eggs paired with monkey bread, which is a soft and sticky breakfast treat popular in American countries.

On the same breakfast table, you can see a bowl of chopped fruits as Shefali Shah knows how to maintain the right balance of nutrients in her meals. You can also spot freshly baked custard bread along with two scoops of vanilla ice cream that can make any meal heavenly and leave a sweet lingering taste on your palate.

In one of her other Instagram stories, Shefali Shah also shared a picture of a drool-worthy dessert called “Clouds on a plate.” The dessert features a sweet loaf of bread that is dipped and garnished with honey. On top of the slice, there is a spoonful of rich blueberry jam and cream. To give the entire plate a cloudy look, granulated sugar is sprinkled all over the dessert. Thus, it is safe to say that Shefali Shah’s Kasauli food diaries were a picnic for her and her fans’ eyes as well.