Shefali Shah Enjoys Gourmet Spread With Cheese, Fruits & More
Image Credit: Instagram: @shefalishahofficial

Shefali Shah, the Bollywood actor who is known for her breathtaking roles in grasping movies and series like Delhi Crime, Three Of Us, Darlings, Jalsa, and many more, is also a self-acclaimed foodie. Apart from passionately talking about films and her hobbies, one thing that makes a frequent appearance on Shefali Shah’s Instagram handle is good food.

The Bollywood actress seems to be really curious when it comes to food and never shies away from trying out the local cuisine of every place she travels to. Be it as an Instagram post or a story, Shefali Shah shares glimpses of her gastronomic adventures with her fans through perfectly captured photographs.

Recently, Shefali Shah shared a series of Instagram stories of an elaborate gourmet spread, which featured different types of cheese, fruits, crackers, dry fruits, nuts, and much more. One of the pictures was all about a beautifully curated spread that consisted of a cheese platter, feta cheese cubes in olive oil, herbed ricotta, cheesy garlic bread, Pimento stuffed olives, and more.

The other spread that made an appearance in the actor’s Instagram stories a couple of times in many angles featured bright and fresh red grapes, cherries, cubed cheese stacked on sticks, a dark chocolate bar, a jar which seems to have a dip, and a beautiful red rose. On the plate adjacent to the platter, you can see red grapes placed at the centre, surrounded with assorted crackers, cubes of mouth-melting cheese, and a few cashew nuts and almonds next to them.

This isn’t the first time Shefali Shah has shared her elaborate spread of indulgent delicacies. On her recent trip to Kasauli, she tried lots of local food, including Akuri, Parsi-style scrambled eggs, monkey bread, and custard bread with vanilla ice cream.