Shed Those Extra Kilos, With 6 High Protein Vegetarian Foods

Protein is amongst the most essential nutrients for the body. And when trying to lose weight, enough protein intake is very important. Not just it helps in boosting metabolism but also reducing appetite and changing hormones responsible for weight regulation. If some studies are to be believed, protein helps in increasing the satiety levels and thus, reduces hunger. A high protein diet can also give beneficial results when it comes to burning more calories. Since the highest protein is found in fish, meat and chicken, what about the vegetarians? 

Non-vegetarians can easily get enough protein from meat, fish or chicken but vegetarians are often struggling. If you are vegetarian and always struggle to get the protein-rich diet, we have your back like always. Here are 6 protein-rich vegetarian food items that can fulfil the protein requirement in your body and can promote weight loss. Wanna know what these foods are? Here you go! 


Chickpeas, also called chana, are known for their high protein content. They fall in the legume category and are also rich in minerals like iron, fiber, complex carbs, phosphorus, folate, potassium, manganese, and so many other plant-compounds. One can have chickpeas in the form of salad, boiled or even as a main course dish. 


An Indian thali is incomplete with dals into it. Lentils are not just a great source of protein but so many nutrients like fiber and slowly digested carbs. Lentils can only be eaten in the form of dals but in salads, soups, chats etc. Packed with other minerals like iron, manganese and folate, lentils are a must have in the weight-loss diet. 


Nuts and seeds are quite popular because of their high nutritional value. But did you know that almonds are great for weight loss too? If some studies are to be believed, almonds are high in vitamin E, vitamin A and amino acid L-arginine which eventually leads in burning more fats and carbs during workouts.  


We need not tell how healthy millets are. Amarnath or rajgira is yet another gluten-free grain which is a powerhouse of proteins and so many other minerals and vitamins. Amaranth has such nutrients that can keep stomach full for a longer time while keeping hunger pangs at bay. 


Paneer is well known for high protein value. Not just protein, it is also low in fat and calories. Thus, it could be perfect for your weight loss journey. Paneer also contains calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, phosphorus etc that can promote quick weight loss. 


Remember how Popeye the sailor used to gain muscles and energy right after eating spinach? Well, spinach is no less than a superfood. Spinach is loaded with protein and is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. If you are trying to shed those extra kilos, don’t forget to include this magical leafy green in your diet. 

So, give these a try!