Sharbat For Summer: Quench Your Thirst With These 8 Varieties

Throughout the summer, sharbat has several uses. First of all, it keeps the body hydrated and avoids dehydration. Second, sharbat's cooling qualities contribute to a reduction in body temperature, making it a cool drink for hot weather. Furthermore, cardamom, mint, and basil are just a few of the herbs and spices that are frequently added to sharbat to help with digestion and ease stomach aches. 

It's also a great way to enjoy fruits and herbs while staying cool because of their rich, sweet and sometimes sour taste. All things considered, sharbat is a healthy and adaptable beverage that provides hydration and a lovely summertime taste. The following is a list of a few of the sharbat ideas for this summer season:

1. Bael Sharbat: 

Bael Sharbat, a liquid that comes from Bael fruit extract, has an unexplored taste of the essence of citrus and sweetness. The fruit pulp is taken out, mixed with water, strained and added sugar to taste. It can be served with some mint leaves. The drink is equally satisfying, as it is fresh and tangy to taste, making it a perfect summer refreshment. Bael Sharbat is valuable when we are in a hot season; it refreshes the body and stabilises digestion, especially during the summer when it is very hot.

Vdeo Credit: YouTube/ Kunal Kapur

2. Gulab Sharbat: 

Rose sharbat, known by the name of gulab sharbat in Bengal, is a delicious food that tastes like the petals of a rose and is a serving of floral sweetness. Its sweet, syrup-like consistency, best combined with chilling milk or water, provides refreshment to the body. The beverage has well-combined lively and delicate tastes with a fragrant flavour profile, which generally makes it a perfect drink to have during the summer. Because of its ability to rehydrate the body, bring coolness to it, and satisfy the taste buds with its refreshing flavour.

3. Mango Panna: 

Raw mango, sugar, and spices such as black salt and roasted cumin are mixed to make this popular Indian summertime beverage, kacha aam panna. Its taste is a pleasing mix of sourness with sweetness also present, along with the smokiness of the grilled raw mango pulp and spices. Mango Panna is a saviour in summer as it not only satisfies the taste buds but also offers multiple levels of cooling effects, and improved digestion, and keeps the body refreshing and hydrating throughout the summer.

4. Mohabbat Ki Sharabat: 

A favourite drink in India, Mohabbat ki Sharabat, entices with its sweet, flowery taste and crisp texture. It has a silky texture and subtle notes of saffron, cardamom, and rose water. It's perfect for a refreshing drink on hot summer days. This sharbat has cultural importance as a representation of love and hospitality at gatherings. Beyond just rehydrating, it also pleases the taste buds and offers a pleasant break from the intense heat, which makes it a beloved summertime necessity.

5. Pudina Sharbat: 

The mint beverage, pudina Sharbat, has a distinct flavour profile, texture, and taste. It has a cool, somewhat sour and minty flavour that is revitalising. The predominant taste is that of fresh mint, slightly enhanced by a touch of honey or sugar. Pudina Sharbat is essential throughout the summer months because it effectively relieves heat, calms the body, and satisfies thirst. Because of its calming qualities, it's a well-liked option for beating the heat and staying hydrated in hot weather.

6. Ganna Ka Ras: 

Sugarcane juice, or ganna ka ras, tastes sweet and tangy with a touch of sugarcane's inherent sweetness, served with a splash of lemon and black salt. Because of the sugarcane's inherent fluids, it has a slightly thicker texture with a smooth, liquid texture. Due to its unique tropical flavour and refreshing quality, it is a popular choice in the summertime. Its significance stems from the fact that it can slake thirst, deliver immediate energy, and provide a cooling effect, which makes it an ideal beverage for hot summer days.\

7. Nimbu Ka Sharbat:

 Lemonade, or Nimbu Ka Sharbat, is distinguished by its tangy flavour, smooth texture, and invigorating aroma. Its cooling qualities offer immediate respite from heat, making it vitally important in the summer. Its zesty lemon flavour and subtle sweetness make it a popular option for reviving the body and quenching thirst. Its appeal as a go-to summer drink is further enhanced by its simplicity of preparation and adaptability to add soda, spices, or mint. Its a popular summer drink across India.