Shanaya Kapoor’s Idea Of A Happy Weekend? Pani Puri At Home!

Homemade pani puri may just be the perfect summer snack! And Shanaya Kapoor clearly agrees. The actor who will make her big screen debut this year with the Malayalam film Vrushabha, recently shared a post on Instagram where she can be seen indulging in the beloved street snack, pani puri

Shanaya could be seen sitting at her dining room table surrounded by pani puri and all its fixings, from potatoes and yoghurt to boiled chickpeas and tamarind chutney.

“Happy Saturday,” Shanaya captioned the snap. It’s possible that Saturday was a cheat day for Shanaya or maybe she just enjoys pani puri every now and then, because who doesn’t? The actor is clearly a fan of desi food; a few days ago, she shared a snippet of another weekend meal, featuring dosa and sambhar. 

The Internet loved Shanaya’s idea of indulging in homemade chaat especially as it saves one the trouble of stepping out in the heat. Moreover, pani puri can be a relatively low-calorie snack if you make it at home and eliminate sugary condiments or too much salt. All you need is some boiled chickpeas, coriander, and mashed potatoes along with some yoghurt, black salt and tamarind chutney and you’ve got all the right fixings for a delicious snack! 

You can also add boiled moong sprouts and kaala chana for some added proteins and some mint. Instead of fried or store-bought pani puri which tend to be high in calories, opt for whole wheat or baked ones which are available online. You can even make your own golgappa at home so you can make sure it doesn’t have fatty ingredients.