Shaking Up A Cocktail? Here’s How To Pick The Perfect Glass
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A true cocktail experience entails a crisp and balanced drink, as well as the cup which holds it, for it to be a complete success. What you serve a drink in, for practical and aesthetic purposes, matters as much for it to feel rewarding and memorable. Therefore, thinking of cocktail glasses in two broad categories – stem and stemless, is one of the first steps towards picking the right type of glass. To start of considerations, volume must be taken into account while picking a glass.

If you intend on pouring a large drink and the glass is too small, it might overflow but if the inverse happens, chances are that it might seem like there is barely anything left to drink. Evaluating how you plan to serve your drink – if it is poured over ice or to be drunk on its own – helps to understand whether the cocktail will be diluted as it is consumed or if it needs to be stirred further.

Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, and the kind of drink you want to curate, using a glass with straight sidewalls for fizzy drinks, or a coupe glass for a drink that requires no ice and a highball glass for one with ice, are some ways to figure out the next step forward in making a choice. Using the same set of glasses for multiple drinks is a space-saving and practical way to not hoard more than what you plan on using or require.

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Relying on a few glasses such as having a couple of coupe or highball glasses, a set of stemmed wine glasses and a few rocks glasses to fit drinks with ice cubes, should suffice. Usually, these designs provide versatility and ease of serving and most often than not, hold the same drinks. Glassware must not rely heavily on just looking good, but also feeling good to drink from. Weight and density matter immensely in this case, as the glass shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable to hold when full or too light, when empty.

Elegance must balance the durability of a cocktail glass and should be able to present a drink with the best possible visual appeal. Whether it is a martini, margarita, sangria or a straight up scotch on the rocks, having a few but different types of glasses is an ideal way to set up your home bar to look up to the mark and stylish.