Essential Spirits To Stock Up Your Home Bar
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If you’re a low-key entertainer and host, you know how important it is to have a well-stocked home bar that caters to all types of drinkers. Whether it is a quick after-work cocktail or making a large batch of drinks for game night, having some essential spirits is a great way to whisk something super quick as and when the occasion calls for it. It is crucial to get your basics right before moving on to a point where you’re more open to newer liqueurs and spirits. Here are six essential spirits you could shake up a crisp cocktail or two from at any given time of day or night.

Single Malt/Whiskey

If you’re looking to shake up an Old Fashioned or enjoy a drink at the end of your day, on the rocks, having a solid bottle of single malt or whiskey is the definition of a great home bar. Having a couple of options in different price ranges might allow you to pick and choose which bottle to open up depending on what kind of toast you’re raising.


A glass of wine is a great accompaniment for date night dinner rituals or when you want to let your hair down with your girlfriends. Having good quality, superior-tasting wine is crucial to have without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Depending on what kind of wine you drink, stocking red or white variations to cater to any kind of wine drinker would make a lot of sense.


This clear liquor is quite potent on its own as a shot or even better in a spicy, umami Bloody Mary. Thanks to its neutral taste, it features in quite a number of cocktails that you could shake up for any last-minute arrivals or a quick nightcap before bedtime; or even add some to your penne vodka sauce for that extra touch of magic.

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Great for the summers with a herby aftertaste, gin is great in everything from martinis to being drunk as is with icy cold tonic water. The refreshing qualities of this spirit make it perfect to whip up cocktails for a Sunday brunch or a drink for when you need some respite from the heat.


Much like having a quality bottle of whiskey, having a bottle of rum doesn’t just limit itself to being used for when you’re in the mood for a pina colada; simply sipping on rum on ice with its sweet undertones and warm mouthfeel is perfect or even adding it to a drink of Old Cuban.


Although this isn’t typically a bottle you would find yourself opening up quite often, having a bottle of champagne in reserve for last minute celebratory moments, birthdays or anniversaries can be marked with the bubbly of all seasons. Having a bottle of champagne is also perfect for those Bellinis that accompany your lazy Sunday breakfasts.