Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter And Kunal Kemmu Feast On Their Biking Trip To Europe
Image Credit: Pexels.

Actors Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter and Kunal Kemmu are on an all-boys trip to Europe. While the trio posted photos of their escapades on their social media handles, what caught our attention was a photo of them enjoying croissants and other European delicacies together. Europe has an interesting history of food and some of its street food is finger lickin’ good! Here are some European street foods that are a must-try. 

Dutch Fries 

If you’re visiting the Netherlands, the first thing you’ll notice all over the countryside and city centres are Dutch fries. These fries are served in a cone and are topped with a generous serving of ketchup and mayo. In taste, these fries are crisp and fat. They are freshly fried in street carts, and are served hot and crisp. Come hail or storm, street carts selling fries always find a queue outside their shops. Dutch fries, also called frites, are a must try, when visiting Holland. 

France’s Jambon Beurre 

Jambon Beurre is a tasty French street food that is typically a sandwich. A baguette that’s salted with European butter and has thinly sliced ham in it, makes for an excellent Jambon Beurre. The French claim that since the rise in its popularity, this street food has become easy to find at every corner of Paris, yet to find a Jambon Beurre in its authentic avatar is getting difficult by the day! A fun trivia involving this treat is that every day around 3 million Jambon Beurre are sold in France. 

Germany’s Bratwurst 

Bratwurst is a sausage made from pork that’s commonly sold as street food in Germany. There are various versions of Bratwurst, differing in size and taste. Almost 42-plus varieties of this street food can be found across Germany. The sausage is roasted and seasoned, and is enjoyed along with hot or sweet German mustard. This street food is often enjoyed along with a mug of beer. 

Spain’s Churros 

Churro is a type of fried dough that’s normally dipped in melting chocolate and relished. A famous street food of Spain, churros have taken over the global cuisine rapidly. Churros are enjoyed as breakfast, lunch and dinner, throughout the day in various countries of the world. In Cuba, churros are interestingly filled with guava. 

Italy’s Pizza Al Taglio 

Pizza is synonymous with Italian cuisine. Pizza al taglio is a rectangular shaped pizza that’s sold by the Kilogram in various parts of Italy. The varieties of Pizza al taglio are numerous ranging from Pizza Margherita to Pizza Rossa. One can choose from a variety of toppings. It’s primarily baked in an open wood fired oven.