Shahid Kapoor Gives A Chocolatey Start To 2023

Actor Shahid Kapoor is a fitness icon for millions. His journey is even more inspiring as the actor doesn’t eat meat, or even eggs. That’s right, Shahid turned pure vegetarian in his early twenties after reading the book, Life Is Fair. The actor has admitted that the journey hasn’t been easy, but certainly not as grim. His trainers have praised him for his discipline. He adheres to his diet, which is replete with vegetables and lentils. The actor also tries to cut back on dairy and eat within a certain time window. However, Shahid does have a bit of a sweet tooth, but knows just how to satiate his cravings without compromising on his diet.  

On Monday morning, he shared an image of his healthy breakfast of two pancakes. Pancakes are a popular breakfast choice for people across the world. They are easy to prepare, you just need to whip together a batter and drop it on a hot pan. Typically, the pancakes are made with refined flour batter, but to healthify the same, many prefer the batter made of whole wheat flour, or healthy gluten-free flours. 

Shahid also chose to top his healthy pancakes with a handful of dark chocolate spread. To add more natural sweetness to his breakfast, he also added some sliced bananas. Fresh bananas are a great source of complex carbs, or ‘good carbs’. They induce energy while keeping empty calories at bay. Bananas are also known to be rich in tryptophan, an amino acid associated with happiness. That’s right, guess we don’t mind our pancakes with a side of a little happiness.

There are plenty of ways in which you can spruce up your pancakes. You can add some whipped cream, jam, and compotes of your choice. Maple syrup, and freshly cut fruits like mangoes, and pineapples are also some health and yummy options. Here’s an easy pancake recipe you can try making at home.