Shah Rukh Khan's Diet: How The Jawan Star Stays Fit All Year

Diet plays a very crucial role in our lives. From boosting your energy to keeping diseases at bay, our everyday meals are directly related to maintaining overall health. A good diet is also important for weight management and a good physique. Many celebrities, especially actors, follow a very strict diet to maintain their six-pack abs and perfect figure.

A lot of fans try to copy the style and acting of their favourite actors and actresses and crave to have a nice body like them. However, following an actor’s workout routine can be very difficult, but you can copy their diet for sure. Yes, you read it right. Many popular celebrities eat normal meals just like us without any fancy additions.

In a throwback video from the blogging site OnlyMyHealth, King Khan has revealed this diet routine. Recently seen in the movie Jawan, the actor was appreciated for his brilliant performance and amazing physique. Most of us would think Shah Rukh’s meals might be super expensive, with some exotic items, but the reality is quite the opposite. Here is the video. Take a look:

In the video, King Khan says that he eats very normal food. The actor starts by saying, “I eat a very normal diet. I eat twice a day. I don’t eat anything in between. I eat lunch and dinner.” The 57-year-old star revealed that he prefers sticking to a lot of basic things in his diet. “I eat a lot of basic things like sprouts, grilled chicken, broccoli, and sometimes a little bit of lentils,” said Shah Rukh Khan. 

The actor further adds that this is his standard meal, and he is very particular about the routine. “I eat this all the time, twice a day. I eat this all year round,” said Shah Rukh. Many people in the comment section of the video were surprised by this reveal and applauded the superstar’s food habits. Though this might just be a small part of his daily life, his fans were very happy that Shah Rukh Khan eats normal meals like them. Do let us know what your views are on his food habits and if you have anything in common with King Khan.