Shah Rukh Khan Expresses His Love For Tamil Nadu Food

Tamil Nadu is a popular place to visit among the tourists. The state is culturally rich and is known for primaeval temples, scenic beauty and some amazing culinary treasures. Packed with unique flavours, tangy twist and a plethora of healthy ingredients, Tamil Nadu offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Overall, it is a must visit place for all food connoisseurs and our Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh agrees with the same. 

Recently at Jawan’s pre-release event in Chennai, King Khan expressed his love for Tamil food and cinema. Shah Rukh Khan arrived at Sri Sairam Engineering College in the city on August 30 along with the director, actors and music composer of his upcoming movie Jawan. The pictures and videos from the event have been going viral on the internet. 

While addressing his fans during the Chennai event the actor said that he enjoys Tamil films and the state’s cuisine. Shah Rukh revealed his fantastic experience of indulging in a feast of delicious Tamil Nadu food and also talked about losing his six packs which he gained backed again. He said, “Eating here in Tamil Nadu was fantastic, I lost my six packs and gained them back. I found a wonderful variety of dishes in Tamil Nadu.” 

If you also want to experience the culinary flavours of Tamil Nadu, here are five dishes to try: 

Paruppu Payasam

This is one of the best sweet treats from the state. Made with roasted moong dal, coconut milk, ghee and jaggery syrup, this rich and creamy dessert is garnished with roasted cashew nuts. As it is prepared with jaggery instead of sugar you can enjoy a bowlful of paruppu payasam guilt free. 

Chicken Chettinad 

This mouthwatering delight belongs to the Chettiyar community of Tamil Nadu. Known for its hot and fiery taste, chicken chettinad is made with chicken marinated in yoghurt, turmeric and a variety of spices. It goes well with rice as well as all kinds of parathas. 

Filter Kaapi 

A South Indian meal is incomplete without enjoying a cup of filter kaapi. Common in local households, this traditional coffee is brewed in a special metal device which has two cylindrical cups. Made with milk, sugar and coffee, it has a frothy texture.  

Banana Bonda 

If you are looking for a traditional snack from Tamil Nadu, then banana bonda is a must try for you. Made with stuffing of bananas, this sweet snack uses sugar, and ground cardamom for adding the flavour. It is perfect to pair with your evening tea or coffee. 


Made with tamarind, coconut and rice, this traditional dish of Tamil Nadu is specially made during festivals and special occasions. Easy to prepare, this tangy and delicious delight is commonly served for lunch along with papadams.