Serving Pancakes For Breakfast? Here’s A Tip To Keep Them Warm

With their fluffy, cake-like texture and sweet, rich flavour, it's little wonder that pancakes are a morning favourite. However, plating each meal separately means that they won't be warm enough to melt the crucial pat of butter by the time everyone sits down for breakfast. The pancakes will steam, turning limp and losing their wonderfully crunchy edges if the tray is covered with foil. However, there is a simple fix for this issue that will keep pancakes warm until you're ready to eat. In addition, we're providing some additional advice to assist you in consistently making the ideal stack of pancakes. 


As with any other food, using fresh ingredients is essential to making delicious pancakes. Be sure to verify the freshness of your baking powder because it acts as a leavener while eggs and milk have more visible expiration dates. How to make sure you're using a brand-new box: Place a little amount of baking powder in a bowl of warm water; if the mixture bubbles, the mixture is still safe to use. 


Consistently producing circles is one of the most challenging components of preparing pancakes. We advise measuring the batter with an ice cream scoop before pouring it onto the hot griddle. This makes making rounds simpler and makes it easier to pour perfectly measured amounts of batter each time. 

Don’t Press 

It could be tempting to use your spatula to flatten the cake while creating your fluffy discs (we know, that sizzle is so satisfying). The inherent air pockets that are necessary for creating a light and airy pancake are eliminated by pressing down. 

How To Keep Warm  

Although you might initially think to microwave them, this is not the ideal approach. Instead, until you're ready to serve, you may keep pancakes warm by setting them on a baking sheet or other oven-safe platter in a 200° oven. The pancakes will stay warm at this temperature without getting overcooked. Just make sure you don't bake them for too long so they retain their fresh-off-the-griddle flavour. 

Aluminum foil would be the simplest solution. This item is almost universally available in kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, this approach doesn't involve a lot of stages. Pancakes only need to be wrapped in aluminium foil. Or, if you're short on time, just spread the pancakes out on a platter and cover them with aluminium foil. This is a quick and practical choice. It has a big negative, though. All of the steam will be trapped inside the aluminium foil, where it will condense and drip all over the pancakes making them soggy.