Try This Authentic Semolina Rasmalai For Your Loved Ones This Eid

Eid al-Fitr, which signifies the first day of the month of Shawwal, is a much-awaited holiday that is widely celebrated across the country. This year, the celebrations will be slightly different from usual as the current situation will not permit family and friends to indulge in the Eid feast together. However, one can still enjoy the festival whole-heartedly by making some scrumptious traditional dishes at home. While the savouries are relished, the dessert must not be forgotten! Did you know that Eid al-Fitr is also known as ‘Meethi Eid’? Desserts and sweets are an essential part of the lavish Eid spread. Not only that but desserts are also exchanged and distributed by people among each other as a gesture of love and goodwill on this auspicious day. So here’s an authentic Semolina Rasmalai recipe by Mistuni Banerjee in association with Godrej Jersey for you to make at home for your loved ones this Eid.


  • Semolina 100 gms 
  • Carrot (grated) - 1cup 
  • Milk - 750ml 
  • Nuts and Raisin (chopped) 
  • Milk Powder - 2-3 tsp 
  • Ghee - 2-3 tsp 
  • Green Cardamom (crushed) - 1 tsp 
  • Saffron - 1pinch (with milk) 
  • Sugar 


  1. Firstly, take a frying pan and pour ghee. Add grated carrot in it, fry it well. 
  2. Add sugar, milk powder, nuts, raisin(chopped) and crushed green cardamom. 
  3. Mix well, and the stuffing is ready; keep it aside. Now take a wok and pour milk, add semolina. 
  4. Stir it continuously until the mixture transfers to a dough. Keep it aside. 
  5. Take another saucepan, pour milk and let it simmer on a low flame. 
  6. Make the semolina dough into equal shaped balls and stuff carrot mixture in it. 
  7. Gently place the stuffed balls in the milk and let it boil for 10 to 12 minutes. 
  8. Add crushed green cardamom, sugar, saffron (with milk).  

Eid Mubarak!