Seekh Kebab to Chaat: 7 Foods You Can Never Miss When in Meerut
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Meerut is a historic city with its rich tradition and culture reflected in its every iconic dish. The city covers the largest region in Delhi NCR and is home to several culinary cultures melded together harmoniously. Apart from being known as the starting point of rebellion against the British in 1857, this city is also famous for its distinctive taste and culinary practices. 

The ancient city is most popular for its gajak and rewri, which also hold religious value and are often served as prasad. Along with its rich historical heritage, Meerut also offers a wide range of must-try street food delicacies. People can find everything in this city, from classic Uttar Pradesh dishes to famous cuisines across India. 

This article explores the most cherished and loved food items of Meerut.

1) Chhole Bhature

Chhole bhature is the most beloved meal across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and entire india. It is one of the most iconic meals to try in Meerut. One can find several vendors selling their own unique variations of this dish along with their unique presentations.  

2) Seekh Kebab

Seekh kebab is one of the highly praised meals to try in Meerut. With every street enveloped in the delightful aroma of kebabs, one can’t resist savouring the delicate and tender juices dripping out of it. Seekh Kabab gets its iconic flavour by being roasted on an open-flame coal grill. 

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3) Kulcha Nihari

Kulcha Nihari is a delectable dish that combines the soft kulcha with a rich and flavourful slow-cooked stew of nihari. The crispy texture of kulcha complements the bold flavour of nihari and presents the eater with a flavourful blast in the mouth. The succulent meat used in nihari is infused with a blend of aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and coriander. Slow cooking helps the meat soak up all spices and become tender. The stew is often enriched with the natural richness of bone marrow, which adds a velvety texture and depth to the dish. 

4) Kachori

People often come from all over India to taste this Meerut speciality kachori. Meerut ki Kachori differs from the kachoris found in other cities. In Meerut, locals refer to fried puri as kachori and serve it with aloo ki sabji or chhole ki sabji. What sets Meerut ki kachori apart is its exquisite blend of regional spices and its unique eating style. 

5) Methi ki Roti

The most savoured breakfast meal in Meerut is Methi ki roti. Mostly devoured in the winter season, this Meerut-special methi ki roti is a beloved breakfast staple for the locals. The distinct flavour of their spices and the bitterness of kasuri methi make this dish a flavourful and wholesome snack to munch on winter mornings. 

6) Bhajiya

Delectable onions and vegetables, when wrapped in hearty besan batter, seasoned with regional spices, and fried in oil until golden, result in this perfect meerut special bhajiya. Bhajiya is one of the quintessential snacks in Meerut and is famous for its unique flavour that comes with the addition of kasuri methi. From morning to evening, the bhaji stalls in the streets of the city are full of crowds. If ever visiting meerut, one must not miss the special bhajiya.

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7) Meerut Ka Chaat

The chaat varieties that this city offers are unparalleled. The unique and city-special chaat items the local stalls offer can never be found elsewhere. The speciality chaat items in meerut that one cant mis are Meerut wali tikki, pani ke batashe, dahi puri, and meerut wala chana chaat. 

From the famous chole bhature to the staple methi ki roti, this article has covered 5 of the most iconic dishes of Meerut. To learn more about each of the recipes, head to the website's main page and explore.