Can A Plate Of Chole Bhature Be Turned Healthy? Here's The Hack
Image Credit: Source: lady.epicurean/Instagram

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, foodies like us have seen one of the darkest phases of their lives. With the dietary restrictions at home to the lockdown that restricted us from going out, the routine of savouring lip-smacking street foods was brought to a halt.

When I moved to Odisha from Delhi due to the pandemic, I had a hard time getting acquainted with the change in my diet. My food habits and routine changed drastically and I missed relishing the authentic North Indian food. One of these foods was Chole Bhature. My dilli ki sardiyaan weren’t complete without savouring a plate of piping hot and fluffy Bhature, spicy and flavourful Chole, spicy and tangy chutney and achar on the side at Nagpal Chole Bhature in Lajpat Nagar. However, once I came home and decided to lose the extra kilos, I realized that I have to give up on my favourite foods. And that made me jump out of my skin. Losing weight and staying healthy means giving up on all our favourite foods such as Chole Bhature, chicken pakora, springs rolls and the list (along with the sob session) continues. But what if I tell you that you can still lose weight while enjoying your favourite North Indian comfort food- Chole Bhature? We know it’s difficult for you to believe but here’s the hack.

We all know that no matter how much e love Chole Bhature, it’s still unhealthy. The refined flour bhaturas deep-fried in oil or ghee and the Chole that makes us drool is made using heaps of oil and spices. Approximately, one plate of chole bhature has 500 calories and consuming it for breakfast or evening snack makes us exceed our daily calorie requirement of 1600-2000 calories to remain healthy.

The filling, wholesome and oh-so-delicious food can be given a healthier twist with these easy hacks-

1. Whole Wheat Bhaturas

Replace the refined flour with whole wheat flour to make bhaturas to give the bhaturas a healthier twist. It is the flour that has carbohydrates that makes us gain the kilos.

To make it a balanced meal, add a filling salad to the platter to make it healthy by adding some fiber content.

3. Change The Oil

Do not use the residue oil in the kadai to fry the bhaturas. Use fresh oil instead to decrease the trans fat in the dish.

4. Add Pickles

The heavy meal of Chole Bhature often makes us feel bloated and is difficult to digest. Add a pickle to your meal to make it easier to digest.

5. Work It Out

After satiating your cravings, burn the extra calories by engaging in a quick workout session. That’s the only way to have Chole Bhature without feeling guilty.

Now that you know how to give Chole Bhature a healthy twist, nobody should stop you from having it when you want to.