Seafood To Square-Shaped: 4 Unique Pancake Varieties From Around The World
Image Credit: Pexels. Pancakes.

Pancakes are a dish with an amazing food history. Did you know that pancakes were eaten in prehistoric societies? Pancakes are consumed in various forms all over the world. From India’s Neer Dosa and Uttapam to the Netherlands Pannenkoeken, pancakes have evolved in recipes and ingredients over centuries. The varieties of pancakes that exist today globally, range in hundreds. Sweet, savoury, spicy - various cultures have come up with their own versions of pancakes. However, the first thought that comes to the mind when someone says pancakes, is still that of a fluffy stack of goey flat cake with maple syrup dripping from the top. If you enjoy pancakes, reading up on these unique varieties of pancakes is surely going to alarm you. 

1. Japanese Pancakes With Seafood  

Japanese pancakes are savoury in taste. They originate from the Hiroshima region of the country and are made with wheat flour batter. The common ingredients for Japanese pancakes include eggplant, sea food, cabbage and meat. The sauces put atop a Japanese pancake isn’t chocolate syrup, it’s Japanese mayonnaise and pickled ginger. Japanese pancakes are also called Okonomiyaki. Would you want to bite into this Japanese delicacy?  

2. Dutch Pancakes With Bacon, Cheese And Apple 

Pancakes, often called Pannenkoeken in The Netherlands, come in various varieties. While you can find the regular sweet puffy pancakes with toppings such as chocolate syrup, bananas, strawberries or whipped cream, there also exist pancakes that have a mix of meat and fruit here! Popular pancake bakeries in the Netherlands sell pancakes with bacon, cheese and apple as toppings. They also mix liquor with pancakes. A pancake with banana, rum and whipped cream isn’t uncommon in the Netherlands. 

3. Norwegian Pancakes With Bacon, Syrup And Blueberries 

Norwegian pancakes are usually eaten as a meal for dinner. They are sweet in taste and are fried in butter. They are thin in texture and are rolled with syrup, blueberries and bacon. Alternatively, a more traditional touch to this dish is serving the pancakes with bacon and blueberry jam. Some people also like to add a touch of sour cream to this recipe. 

4. Moroccan Square Pancakes 

Pancakes are usually round and circular in shape. Well, that’s not true for the square shaped Moroccan pancakes. A neat square, these pancakes are served with honey. They are also paired with a cup of mint tea or coffee in the morning and can be stuffed with meat, onion or tomato. How do you feel the combination of a honey dip and a savoury pancake with meat as the main ingredient taste?