Prawn Balchao To Xacuti: 4 Seafood Dishes You Must Have In Goa
Image Credit: Seafood In Goa

From the excellent beach to sand and, most importantly, the food, everything is available in Goa. Do you know that Goan food is quite different and is attributed to its rich and varied cultural heritage? Although one of the staple foods in Goa is rice and fish curry, apart from this, you will also get to enjoy many types of Goan seafood. Are you a seafood lover? Then today, we are sharing the best seafood dishes available in Goa amidst the beach and natural scenery. 

Prawn Balchão 

Prawn Balchão is one of the best dishes of Goa, which is famous all over the world. Balchão somehow looks like a pickle, but the unique taste and flavour attract people towards it. You can serve Balchão with steamed rice and keep this prawn pickle in the fridge for several days. To make this, Prawn Balchão, onion, tomato, and various other spices are used. 

Goan Fish Curry

Xitti Kodi, also known as Goan fish curry (a curry dish), is served with steamed rice. Coconut and various spices are used to make it. The main components of the dish are pomfret and raw mango which significantly provide a tangy taste. Sometimes kingfish can also be used in place of pomfret. 

Crab Xacuti

Crab Xacuti is one of the most popular dishes of Goa. This Goan curry consists of chicken, potatoes, onions, coconut, Kashmiri chillies and other spices. Kashmiri red chillies used in chicken xacuti make the dish spicy and make it look impressive.


Are you ready to taste the real taste of Goan food? Then do not forget to add sorpotel to your food list. Inspired by Portuguese traditions, this dish makes its presence felt in every Goan household during Christmas. Pork, moryechi, beef or mutton liver is used in making it, along with mixing onion, garlic and spices. Although sorpotel can be consumed at any time of the day, most people prefer to have it for breakfast.