Sea Moss Is The Boss Of Superfoods In 2023! Know Why!
Image Credit: Golden dried sea moss, Freepik

In 2023, several health-granting foods, natural ingredients, edibles, and potables are rising and continue to do so. This shift is triggered by the significant change among people towards their health and wellness. In responding to their needs, many types of research are already in place suggesting what to include, eliminate or alternate in the diet. One of them is sea moss. Due to its recently publicised purported health advantages, sea moss is currently enjoying a moment in the limelight. It is a kind of edible red seaweed or algae that is also referred to as Irish moss and is officially classified as Chondrus crispus. Red seaweed is typically harvested for the carrageenan found within its cell walls. Among other ready-to-eat cream desserts, pudding and other dishes are thickened using carrageenan, a commercial thickener.

What is sea moss?

A form of algae that thrives in the ocean is sea moss. It has been used as a supplement for ages because of its abundant source of nutrients. Iodine, calcium, and magnesium are all plentiful in them. Sea moss can be consumed uncooked or used to make soup, juice, or tea. Some people take sea moss as a digestive aid or immune system booster.

Natural laxative

It acts as an herbal laxative. High fibre levels in sea moss aid in softening stools and encourage regular bowel motions.  Taking sea moss can help ease the symptoms of constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease are two more digestive illnesses that can be successfully treated with sea moss (IBD). You can ease your symptoms of constipation by ingesting up to three tablespoons of sea moss daily. It is advised to take up to six tablespoons of sea moss daily for digestive conditions like IBS and IBD.

Dried sea moss, Image Source: Shutterstock

Boosts energy

Taking sea moss might also aid in giving you more energy. This is because it is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Iron, which is necessary for creating energy, is especially abundant in sea moss.


A natural anti-inflammatory is sea moss. It aids in reducing inflammatory cytokine production. Proteins called cytokines play a role in the inflammatory response. Sea moss can help in lowering body-wide inflammation by preventing its development. Adding sea moss to your diet can be beneficial if you struggle with persistent inflammation. Before using it, speak with your doctor.

Improves gut health

Gut bacteria are out of equilibrium in an unhealthy gut. Disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer are connected to this dysbiosis or imbalance in the gut. Prebiotics are a class of fibres that are difficult for the body to digest. Research on the effects of seaweeds, including sea moss, in general in people, animals, and in vitro (microorganisms) reveals that specific components may function as prebiotics and promote intestinal health.

Helps in detoxification

It is dubbed as a miracle food for its plethora of health perks. Besides boosting immunity and digestive health, it also aids the body in detoxifying. The dosage depends on various factors such as weight, age, and health conditions. Adults are often advised to take one teaspoon of sea moss daily. However, pregnant women and nursing mothers must consult a doctor. Take two tablespoons of sea moss gel daily for two weeks to experience its purifying effects. After the initial two weeks, you can cut back to one teaspoon daily.