How Does Sea Moss Help In Aiding Weight Loss?
Image Credit: Unsplash

Red seaweed, also known as Irish moss, grows along the Northern Atlantic shores of America and Europe. So why isn't it staying there? Sea moss is picked because it includes a high concentration of carrageenan. This is a common ingredient in face wash and almond milk. Other minerals found in sea moss are likely to be found in your daily vitamin. These nutrients are required for a variety of vital processes, including bone health, thyroid function, muscular growth, and oxygen flow. Traditionally used to alleviate congestion, sore throat, and cold symptoms, sea moss is now being advertised as a weight reduction supplement. Because it has no flavour or scent, most people blend it in water, tea, or a smoothie.

Sea Moss For Weight Loss

1. Makes You Feel Full

Carrageenan is one of the most important bioactive chemicals found in sea moss. Because of its gelling nature and the fact that your body cannot digest it, it works in your digestive tract like soluble fibre. Soluble fibre absorbs water and solidifies to form a gel-like material. This delays digestion by speeding up the passage of food through your digestive tract and slowing the rate at which your stomach discharges its contents. As a result, you may feel fuller for longer, which may help you eat less. In fact, regular soluble fibre consumption has been associated with a reduction in body weight.

2. Prebiotic Effect

Prebiotics are fibre groups that serve as food for your stomach's friendly bacteria, also known as the gut microbiota. According to recent research, the composition of your gut bacteria may influence your risk of obesity. According to the theorised process, some species of bacteria in your gut may influence your weight by controlling energy consumption and storage. Prebiotics, on the other hand, may help to improve the health of your gut flora. Furthermore, research on carrageenan indicates that it may improve the composition of the gut.

3. May Boost Metabolism

Iodine, a major component of thyroid hormones, is found in sea moss. These hormones play a vital function in metabolic regulation. A faster metabolic rate implies you burn more calories, which may result in weight loss. Simply eating more iodine will not boost everyone's metabolic rate, but if you have impaired thyroid function (hypothyroidism) owing to a lack of iodine, increasing your iodine intake should assist. If you feel that something is wrong with your thyroid, consult your doctor.