Scrumptious Breakfast Foods From Bihar You Have To Try

Bihari cuisine is quite underestimated and associated with a lot of misconceptions. No, Biharis do not only eat lentils, though most of their popular dishes include this protein-rich igredient. Not many people are versed with Bihari cuisine and that’s why we thought of actually talking about it. Let’s explore its multiple healthy breakfast options that we thought did not exist.  


Pitha is usually made with rice flour and filling of dal or aloo chokha but you can go for other vegetables too like cauliflower. If you want it sweet then give it the filling of jaggery and peanuts. If you don't have rice flour available at home then even normal atta will work, however the original recipe is considered better. Pitha is good for your stomach and your body’s defense system as it is rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants.  

Makar Sankranti in Bihar is incomplete without Dahi-chuda (curd with rice flakes). Curd mixed with chuda and sugar is great for your stomach. Even a little soaked chuda just with sugar is preferred for evening cravings if you're in Bihar. You can add gud (jaggery) if you want to avoid sugar. 


Ghugni is a popular snack you can find everywhere in the state from stalls to trains. Made with kala chana (black chickpea), this spicy dish garnished with freshly chopped onions could be a good source of protein in your breakfast. This can be served with fried chuda (rice flakes) or mudhi (puffed rice). 

Kachori Sabzi With Jalebi

This is a classic bihari breakfast that has absolutely no match. Plain kachori or the ones made with sattu (gram flour filling) along with aloo ki sabzi and a piece of jalebi is absolute delight. 

Now you have more options than just litti-chokha. The dishes mentioned are popular in many parts of the country with their own versions. The recipes to all these are simple and involve ingredients that are available in Indian kitchens. So, what are you waiting for? Go for some bihari bliss!