Sawan Vrat 2023: 6 Sattvic Breakfasts On Fasting Days
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With the month of Sawan in full swing, eating simple, austere meals does not mean that you must compromise on taste. Along with it, ensuring that you’re able to derive the full nutritional value from your food, is important to keep your health in-check as well as make sure that you do not feel hungry or deprived of the amount of food you eat. Breakfast being the first meal of the day, must be a substantial one, so that it fuels the body to get going and perform tasks that require plenty of mental and physical energy. Hence, we’ve curated a list of six interesting breakfast recipes for you to enjoy eating, that are slightly off-beat but still on theme. 

Makhana Cutlets

Image Credits: Archana's Kitchen

Light on the stomach and considered to be one of the most nutritious foods to eat during a fast, these makhana cutlets can be made in a jiffy. Simply add toasted and ground makhana to a mixture of boiled potatoes, green chillies, toasted peanuts and cumin seeds, before shaping into patties and frying in ghee until crispy. Eat on its own with some green chutney on the side or enjoy with rajgira rotis, for a solid breakfast.

Rajgira Puri 

Made with amaranth flour, rajgira puris can be eaten with a host of accompaniments – potato sabzi, upwaas ki chutney or even sweetened yoghurt. Make a dough with packaged amaranth flour, a bit of water and salt. Roll out into small discs and deep fry in peanut oil. These Rajgira puris also make for a great packed breakfast to carry with you on long journeys or make a day ahead of time, if you need to rush in the morning.

Farali Dosa

A fasting replacement made with sama ke chawal, the farali dosa is a good gluten-free option for when you crave South Indian food. Eat it with a coconut-peanut chutney or a spicy green farali chutney for a satisfying morning meal. Farali dosa batter does not require fermentation, like the rice dosa and hence, can be whisked together at a moment’s notice. Alternately, make a large batch to last you for a couple of days and refrigerate.

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Rajgira Aloo Paratha

The classic breakfast staple gets a fasting twist with a potato stuffing spiced with cumin seeds, green chillies, ginger and peanuts. Stuff the spiced potatoes into a dough made with amaranth flour that has been rolled out, before placing on a pan and cooking until browned on both sides. Be generous with the dollop of ghee and eat with some fresh set yoghurt or fermented radish pickle on the side.

Dry Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Image Credits: Parade

Blend nuts that provide good fats, along with raisins, apricots and a frozen banana for a delicious sattvic breakfast option. This out-of-the-ordinary smoothie bowl is for times when you crave a sweet breakfast, without having to compromise on the fasting regulatory principles. Add seasonal fruits like cherries or peaches to your smoothie bowl for an extra dose of freshness. Use flax seeds or pumpkin seeds to boost the nutritional value of your smoothie.

Raw Banana Hashbrowns

Add a desi twist to the American diner staple, originally made with potatoes, with some fibrous raw banana and enjoy with some puris or flatbread on the side. Peel and grate a couple of raw bananas and sauté in a generous amount of peanut oil. Flavour it with fresh green chillies, salt and pepper and cook until some of the matchstick-like pieces turn brown and crispy. Alternately, you could also add some amaranth flour and shape them into hashbrown patties that you can enjoy eating with some green chutney on the side.