Sawan 2023: 5 Vrat-Friendly Sweet Dishes For The Fasting Days

Among the most celebrated Hindu festival is the month of Sawan dedicated to Lord Shiva. The entire duration of Sawan month is significant for the devotees of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Devotees throng at temples and offer prayers to the deity. Especially on Sawan Somvar, devotees observe fast and worship Lord Shiva. While some people observe a Nirjala vrat, others eat light Satvik meal throughout the day. So, if you fast on sawan somwars, here are quick, easy and scrumptious sweet dishes you can make at home. 

Makhana Kheer 

Makhana or fox nut, is consumed in Indian cuisine since decades and has been recognized has a superfood because of its high nutritional value. Makhana is one such ingredient especially during fasts. And the best way to have it is in the form of kheer. Made up of milk, ghee, makhana, sugar and nuts, this kheer is easy to make and too delicious to handle. 

Lauki Barfi 

Did you know that this not-so-tasty vegetable could be transformed into a very delicious dessert? Yes, to make this vrat-friendly healthy dessert, you just need some grated bottle gourd, ghee, sugar and a lot of nuts. With added green edible colour, this barfi looks tempting and provides the right nourishment to the body. 

Aloo Ka Halwa 

Aloo is a common kitchen ingredient that goes well with literally anything. We all know about the versatility of potatoes but who knew that this humble root vegetable could be transformed into a dessert as well? Making aloo ka halwa is very easy. All you need is some potatoes, ghee, sugar and nuts. This halwa is filling and scrumptious. 

Singhade Ki Barfi 

Singhada flour is a commonly used ingredient during Navratri and sawan fasts. From chapatis to puri, you make ample dishes from this flour. But have you heard of singhade ki barfi? Made up of singhada flour, ghee and nuts, this barfi might take a little more time to get ready but believe me, it can be a treat for your taste buds. Best part? It is rich in nutrients and can keep the stomach full for a longer time.  

Sabudana Kheer 

Sabudana is one thing that pops into our mind when we see a vrat-friendly meal, isn’t it? From khichdi to vada, one can use sabudana to make so many vrat-friendly snacks. And you know what? You can make sabudana kheer also. This humble kheer is easy to make and can show you a really good time. All you need is sabudana, milk, sugar and dry fruits to make this vrat friendly sweet dish.