Savour Some Oriental Flavours This Independence Day
Image Credit: Mushroom Naan pops/ Fox

With Independence Day being a holiday and that a Monday, what better can we ask her when it turns into a long weekend. When the whole Nation is filled with the celebration mood, let’s dig into some guilt free indulgence with recipes from Fox in the Field Bangalore, a microbrewery in Forum Shantiniketan – Whitefield. They have put together few recipes that are quick to make and surely gonna lift your holiday spirit. 

Kung Nam Prik Pao

    180 gms  prawns (40-50)

    10 gms maida

    1 egg 

    10 gms corn flour

    1 egg

    60 ml oil

    15 gms thai roast chilli paste

    10 onion

    15 gms tri pepper

    5 ml kikkoman soya 

    2 ml fish sauce

    5 ml lemon juice

    10 gms spring onion

    15 gms celery

    2 gms aromatic powder

    15 gms garnish

    10 gms


    Clean the prawns and remove its cells, tail and head

    Soak the prawn with salt and pepper and later marinate it with cornflour, egg and maida

    Keep the marinated prawns aside for 5 minutes

    In a wok put some oil and then add chopped onions and diced capsicums and toss it

    Add roasted chilly paste, fish sauce, Kikkoman soya to it

    Deep fry the prawns and mix the sauce in the wok

    Sprinkle the spring onion and add lemon juice to the same and toss it

    Serve it on a plate after garnishing

Mushroom Naan pop



    Mix the maida, water, salt and sugar to form a pliable dough

    Rest the dough for 20 minutes

    Roll the dough out into this chapatti shapes 


    Mix the chopped mushrooms, mashed green peas and coriander

    Heat oil in a pan. Add the chopped onions

    Add the mushrooms and green peas mixture

    Cook for 20 minutes, till the moisture evaporates

    Add salt and garam masala

    Take off the range and mix in the cheese

    Cool the mixture


    Place 10 gms of the mixture on the dough

    Round the edges to form a ball shape and gently join up the sides

    Grease a baking tray and bake these at 140 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, basting with butter twice

    Serve hot with a dip of your choice