Save These Tips To Make Perfect Sunny-Side-Up Eggs For Breakfast
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Eggs are easily one of the most popular breakfast items around the world. Not only are eggs wholesome and delicious but they are also a super versatile ingredient to cook with, earning itself a massive fan following. Did you know many health experts also consider eggs a superfood? That’s mainly because of their nutrients and multiple health benefits. Replete with proteins that help repair muscle wear and tear, manage blood sugar levels and boost immunity, eggs are also loaded with Vitamin D, which further helps in strengthening your bones and teeth. With so many health benefits, and countless yummy recipes, it comes as no surprise that eggs are most commonly eaten as part of the morning meal. 

While one can always whip up an omelette or boil eggs for a quick breakfast, if you ask me, eggs deserve more of your time and energy. Once a week, one should always try an experiment to reap in the versatility of eggs. After all, the wonderful food offers so much variety. There are at least 10 different ways to make an omelette. And then, there’s the bright and yummy sunny-side-up eggs. A no-nonsense breakfast, also known as bull’s eye eggs and fried eggs, sunny side up is known to be quite simple. But then aren’t the simplest things in life often more complicated too? Sunny side up is exactly that. 

While the method of preparation is meant to be simple. One simply needs to crack open an egg on the pan and cook the egg white only. But you have to keep in mind that the yolk remains soft and jiggly, while the egg white becomes crispy. Sounds easy and simple, doesn’t it? But in reality, sunny side up can end up becoming quite a tricky task, as one has to make sure that we don’t end up cooking the egg entirely. 

So, if you too have had your share of mishaps with the classic sunny side up and still can't get it right, we’ve got you covered. Here’re some tips and tricks that can help you make this dish perfectly in one go. 

Image: Freepik

1. Use The Right Pan 

Haven’t we all heard how the utensil you cook in is as important as the ingredients or the method of the recipe? Well, that’s true in the case of sunny side up too. Using a heavy bottom, wide pan to cook the eggs will prevent the egg whites from burning, and will also help in cooking the white evenly. Having a glass cover on the pan will also help you see the egg white steam. 

2. Don’t Flip The Egg 

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Flipping the egg will end up breaking the egg yolk or cooking it, ruining the sunny side up. The yolk only needs to be stiff in the centre, it should not cook. Not only does flipping it spoil the appearance of the sunny side up, but also affects the texture of the egg yolk. 

3. Use Butter, Not Oil

This might sound simple but it is important. Using butter instead of oil to make the eggs helps the white cook before the yolk stiffens, thanks to the high-fat content. Interesting, isn’t it?  

4. Don’t Cook On High Flame 

Another tip to prevent the yolk from cooking is by placing your pan on low heat, and then switching to medium. Cook it for 30 seconds on medium and then go back and let it cook for 1 minute on low heat. Changing the intensity of heat will allow the egg white to cook from all sides too.