5 Tips To Save Money At Fast-Food Restaurants In India
Image Credit: Save Money At Restaurants In India

Fast food isn't often the healthiest and cheapest alternative for feeding ourselves. But we all have some of those days when we grab something to taste, and our simplest choice is to turn by another quick-serve eatery or nearest burger joint. But don't worry, with the help of these restaurant hacks, you will get fresh and healthy food with discounts on the entire bill. Unfortunately, these are some of the essential things that not everyone is aware of. 

No need to pay service charges 

Before paying the bill, keep in mind that you don't need to pay any extra tax since India's GST has been implemented. However, restaurants charge you separately as service charges in the bill. Service charges mean that you want to pay money after being happy with the restaurant's service. Let us tell you that it is the customer's choice whether to pay or not. So the next time you go, pay your bill only after removing it from the service charge/tax. However, it is up to you if you still want to go ahead and pay the service charge.  

While asking for water 

When you go to the restaurant and ask for water, you are asked whether mineral water or plain. Mineral water means bottled water; apart from the price, the restaurant also charges you by putting their tax on it. But even if you order plain water, only mineral water is served to you because it is taken out of the water purifier and given to you in a glass.

While ordering drinks 

Whenever you order beverages in the restaurant, ask them to bring it without ice. It has two advantages: you will get the exact quantity, and second, you will get the right taste, which gets spoiled due to the previously poured ice. However, later you can put ice in it. 

Check deals online before going to the restaurant

Most restaurants do online promotions to increase their business and attract customers by giving various discounts. So before you go to a restaurant, it is ideal for checking about it online for any special deals, offers or packages.  

Know about discounts before paying the bill 

Many restaurants have special discounts for unique customers. So if you are their regular customer or a special deal running in the restaurant on a particular day, you will benefit from the bill.