Satya Nadella Asks ChatGPT To Rank Mumbai Street Food!
Image Credit: Satya Nadella and Mumbai Street food ranking

Mumbai is famed for its drool-worthy street food delights like bhel puri, vada pav, Mumbai sandwich and misal pav.  These flavours have enamoured Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella equally. A testament to it was seen when Nadella orchestrated a street food battle this Tuesday in this city.  The incident occurred at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit, where he explored the future of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) while speaking. Things started turning astounding when onstage, the Microsoft CEO demonstrated ChatGPT in real-time. His first question was on "the future of Mumbai." Then he requested that ChatGPT rank the street food in Mumbai, and the responses left the audience flabbergasted. The crowd seemed to root for their personal favourites. 

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, went viral with its prowess to reply to any inquiry in a human-like manner. There were over ten responses to Nadella's question on best Mumbai's street foods. The list included Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, Chaat, Pani, and Mumbai Sandwiches. It was a tough war, and the suspense was getting intense in the air. But who was the winner? Any guesses? It was Vada Pav that secured the number-one position on the list.

Mumbai's famous vada pav, Image Source: Freepik

Nadella also inquired about the location of the best Vada Pav. After observing the response, he requested ChatGPT to compose a play where Vada Pav defends its claim to be the best street food against Pav Bhaji and Bhel Puri. The replies by the chat-bot were incredible and kept the audience glued. 

To illustrate how ChatGPT (AI) represents the creation of a new "reasoning engine," Nadella chose Vada Pav as an example. "Every knowledge worker will be more creative, expressive, and productive. Each frontline worker will be able to do more knowledge work than before. As this co-pilot being there for them," the Microsoft CEO stated. Nadella also outlined how the cloud's and artificial intelligence's imperatives may boost the economy. The way ChatGPT declared Vada Pav as the winner of Mumbai's street food, it was quite a fascinating experience for the audience. 

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this tug-of-war's result?