Sattvic Bhojan: Try Your Hand At These Healthy Dishes
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The International Day of Yoga presents us with an opportunity to contemplate on health and wellness. While the world has embraced Yoga as a practice for living a wholesome, balanced and happy life, the rich heritage of Yoga also recommends a specific diet that helps purify and cleanse our bodies and mind. This diet is known as the Sattvic diet. The Sattvic diet is primarily a vegetarian diet that is based on the belief that all foods contain yogic qualities or gunas. These foods also hold the power to either increase or decrease your energy. Foods that increase the energy of your body are classified as Rajasic and the ones that decrease the energy of the body, are labelled Tamasic. The foods that purify and cleanse the energy of the body are called Sattvic. The Sattvic diet, also called as the yogic diet is highly recommended for everyone who wants to engage authentically in a holistic practice of the yoga. 

Credit: Instagram/chai.and.chilli