Saransh Goila’s ‘Grated Anda Ghotala’ Is A Desi Spin To This Viral Breakfast Trend
Image Credit: Instagram @saranshgoila

A successful restaurateur and TV personality Saransh Goila, never fails to amaze his fans on social media with something new and enticing. If you are someone who follows food trends very closely, then you perhaps have already come across the ‘grated eggs on toast’ trend. The breakfast trend has created quite a stir across all social media platforms. All you are supposed to do here is take a bread, toast it and smear it with guacamole, then grab a boiled egg and grate it on top of the bread like cheese. This toast is finished off with a sprinkling of mixed herbs.  

The Internet’s reaction to the viral trend has been mixed and looks like chef Saransh is not impressed by the toast at all, so he decided to give his own, ‘delishaaas’ spin to it.  

“This grated Anda Ghotala is now a regular in my kitchen. Kya log mehenga Avo toast lekar anda grate karte hai. Yeh dekho Rs. 25 mein one person gets an eggcellent meal. Anda Ghotala kaafi anda rated hai. (Why are people taking an avo toast and grating eggs on top, here’s how you can fix yourself an eggcellent meal in under INR 25)”, he wrote in his caption.  

On his intensely ‘desi’ toast sits a popular Mumbai street food called Anda Ghotala, which is made with boiled eggs and heaps of spices and tomatoes which gives the dish, its characteristic red colour.  

To make Saransh Goila’s grated Anda Ghotala, take a pan, heat some oil. Add some mustard seeds and let them crackle. Then add chopped onions and sauté it for 2 minutes, add ginger-green chill-garlic paste and sautee again. After a while add some diced tomatoes and powdered masalas like turmeric, salt and red chilli powder and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Then grab a hard-boiled egg, chop it roughly and add it to the ‘ghotala’ masala, add some grated cheese, followed by chopped coriander and squeeze some lemon juice. Mix everything very nicely until well-combined. Your ‘ghotala masala’ is now completely ready.  

Take a buttery pav and lace it with this lip-smacking masala and enjoy.