Saransh Goila's Culinary Adventure Of Japanese Delights In Tokyo
Image Credit: Saransh Goila/Instagram

Celebrity chef Saransh Goila, who is known for exploring local food joints during the course of his travels, is currently on a trip around the bustling cities of Japan. Making a customary pit stop at a local ramen joint called Kyushu Jangara Ramen, the chef posted a video of people working in the steaming kitchen, in anticipation for his meal. He described the Tokyo-based establishment as as a ‘flexible ramen store that adjusts to your needs for both veg and non veg, and is garlic and spice heavy. Slightly more commercial basically but looking incredible.’

Goila’s order of ramen was a pork belly one that contained fresh noodles, a rich broth, half of a soft-boiled egg, seaweed and chopped spring onions. Describing his mouth-watering dinner as something that his Indian palate enjoyed, he went on to share that the ramen contained lots of sesame, garlic and chilli oil; while also mentioning that the eatery offered a tonkotsu style creamy pork broth, as well as shoyu and miso ramen options. Accompanying his comforting meal was a cold beverage and a small bowl of pickled vegetable, along with a few codiments on the side.

After a short break of arcade gaming, Goila’s next stop included stopping at a hole-in-the-wall Izakaya bar next to Shibuya station for a few drinks of sake and shochu. He also posted a picture of what looked like a bottle of sake – mentioning that the idea of these tiny bars is to seat not more than six people at a time, serving up small batches of the Japanese rice wine. On the second day of his gastronomic adventures, he headed to Harajuku to check out some sweets at one of Tokyo’s popular doughnut chains – I’m Donut.

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Here, Goila sampled a nama donut – made using a brioche style bread with lots of butter and eggs, filled with a pistachio crème. The doughnut appeared to be bursting with filling and was garnished with chopped pistachios and a generous dusting of powdered sugar. So much did he love the sweet treat that Goila announced that this confection might be his ‘new all time favourite!’ Although we can’t really taste what these delicious meals are, living vicariously through his eyes seems like the best we can settle for, as of now. Tell us what your most favourite food city around the world is, in the comments.