Sara Tendulkar Visits London School of Coffee And Creates Latte Art
Image Credit: Instagram/saratendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, fondly called the God of Cricket, may no longer be in the game but his daughter Sara Tendulkar has become quite the Instagram sensation with over 1.7 million followers. Her fascination with coffee is evident on her feed and she recently visited London School of Coffee, from where she posted updates to her stories. Sara posted a photo of the sign above a blue door.

London School of Coffee, certified by the Speciality Coffee Association, is a training centre for specialty coffee. Located in Fulham, it offers courses around how to start a roastery, being a professional barista, brewing, sensory skills and even latte art. From Sara’s updates, it seemed like she learnt how to pour latte art. 

“Microfoam” is used by baristas to create latte art. To make microfoam, steam is first added to milk and then it is heated. The process is called “denaturing” because it alters the physical properties of milk. The steamed milk is poured into the coffee in a manner that allows the milk to drain first and the foam to then rest on top to create the design. Common mistakes to avoid when pouring latte art include pouring the milk too slowly, raising the milk pitcher away from the surface of the coffee and placing the spout of the milk pitcher too close to the surface of the coffee.

The heart-shaped pattern that Sara created on top of her coffee can be seen below. 

She was able to achieve this in one go, without any mistakes. Sara also shared a clip of the coffee machines at the institute, with a sticker that said “looks like heaven”. 

Coffee, which is morning fuel for most people, seems to be a passion for Sara. This has been Sara’s first visit to London in three years. She debuted as a model in 2021 in an ad campaign for Ajio Luxe. A few weeks ago, Sara even posted a reel about how to make mocha at home. With all her social media posts about the beverage, it has become evident that she is a coffee enthusiast.