Sara Tendulkar Relishes Salad Lunch In Portofino, Italy

As the Ambani-Merchant pre-wedding celebrations in Europe come to a conclusion, celebrities are beginning to share glimpses of the fun they had on social media. Dressed to the nines to bask in the Italian sun, among the gamut of celebs who found themselves in Portofino was Sara Tendulkar – who decided to attend the cruise holiday with a group of her girl best friends. Taking a break between her sight-seeing adventures, Sara decided to head to a café for a light lunch which was a great example of fresh Italian produce on a plate.

Sara shared a picture of two salad plates, both of which contained similar base ingredients – tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, apples and salad leaves. While Sara’s plate contained a deep-fried and glazed meatball nestling over her salad, the other plate contained hard-boiled eggs and shredded chicken for protein. The delicious salads were accompanied by salt and pepper shakers for additional seasoning, Sara had shortly after shared a sneak peek from the Ambani’s party on shore where a décor detail included a large arrangement of cherry tomatoes.

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A true Mumbai girlie at heart, Sara’s desi favourites include all the Mumbai specials – from pav bhaji to vada pav. An avid foodie, much like her illustrious father, Sachin Tendulkar, the University College London graduate is also known to relish local delicacies whenever she travels out of town. Usually sticking to clean, nutritious meals at home which are high in protein as well as whole foods, Sara has been making a headway into modelling and fashion – which requires her to follow a strict diet plan.