Sara Ali Khan’s New Year Mantra Is To ‘Eat Clean, Stay Lean’
Image Credit: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram, The actor has decided to eat clean and healthy in 2023.

The focus and determination with which Sara Ali Khan has shed those extra kilos and maintained her physique is quite inspiring. Her taste buds would tickle at the sight of pizzas, burgers, and all the junk food. And we’re sure that they do now too, but she has managed to convince herself to eat healthy and starting 2023, her new year resolution is also along similar lines.  

Sara is currently in London, having a gala time. She celebrated New Year’s Eve in the city, and is currently making the most of her time with her friends there. You’d have spotted her in and out of restaurants, roaming around in shopping streets and digging into yummy food. However, not anymore. This year, the actor’s new year resolution is to ‘stay lean and eat clean’.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram post/Sara Ali Khan

She posted a series of pictures on her Instagram handle, showing us how her new year is looking. In one of the pictures, she was spotted at a supermarket’s vegetable section, elated to see so many greens. She captioned her post saying, “Stay lean, eat clean, enjoy the green, you’ll feel serene, hai yakeen”. The rhyme made us laugh instantly, as Sara is well-known for her witty rhyme scheme and humour on her posts and stories.  

In fact, it has been revealed in several of her media interviews, that Sara lost so much weight only with help of a clean and green diet. She continues to have idli, egg whites and toast for breakfast; dal, chapati and green veggies for lunch; and chapati with green vegetables for dinner too. Looks like she is going all in for a green and healthy diet in 2023. How long does she follow her resolution is something only time will tell.