Sara Ali Khan’s ‘Daalicious’ Vegetarian Comfort Food Indulgences

While Sara Ali Khan’s love for simple, home-cooked meals doesn’t come as a surprise, the actress has been candid enough to share with her fans the food she has been thoroughly enjoying digging into lately. From a recent trip to Kedarnath where she indulged in a humble meal of dal-chawal and hak saag, she posted a picture of a meal that was half-eaten and featured what looked like comfort vegetarian food. Shown on her plate was a small portion of toor dal over rice, amchur kaddu and a stir fried preparation of bhindi. The meal was accompanied by accoutrements like a wedge of lemon, slice of onion and green chilli for an extra kick of spice.

Later on, the actress posted pictures of chapels – indicating her presence in Goa, where she happened to visit the Assagao-based Mustard Café that specialises in traditional Bengali food. The Simmba actress enjoyed a sumptuous meal of Bengali style eggplant sabzi, chola dal, spinach and paneer kofta, raw banana tikkis – all mopped up with what appears to be a rice-based flatbread. In true Sara fashion, the pictures of her meal were peppered with cute GIFs that had puns like ‘daalicious’ and another showing two eggplants embracing each other.

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Sara’s love for simple, wholesome Indian meals accompany her no matter where she is travelling and time and again, she has proven that dal-chawal-roti-sabzi trumps the pizzas and pastas that she enjoys during her vacations. The fitness-conscious actress, who is otherwise said to be on a strict regimen while working, lets her hair down from time to time by gorging on her favourite cheat meals – which include burgers, biryani, pizza, English-style Sunday roasts and a chocolate croissant in the mix.