Sara Ali Khan Parisian Holiday Is All About Pizzas And Parfait

Taking some time off from her busy schedule to unwind and travel, Sara Ali Khan shared a taste of her breezy holiday in Paris with some mouth-watering treats she was seen enjoying. Following her snap of posing with some coffee at Montmartre Hill – an artist village known for its bistros and museums, she was seen gorging on a pizza for lunch, accompanied by an Aperol Spritz. She also enjoyed dessert right after – a berry mousse paired with coffee, treating herself to a well-deserved vacation meal. Captioned “Paris mein pizza,”

Captioned “Paris mein pizza,” some of her other photos showed her seated at an al-fresco-style table where she poured herself some more black coffee, that she ate with a bowl of mixed fresh berries and a fruit parfait, layered with a coulee and more berries. Being a bookworm, her trip couldn’t have been complete without checking out one of the city’s most iconic bookstores – Shakespeare and Company, which she visited with her close friend. The two girls ate popsicles and posed playfully with their Spritzer drinks at another restaurant in Pont Notre Dame.

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Dressed down in shorts, a tank top and sunglasses, the Gaslight actress also revealed that she was joined by her mother, Amrita Singh on holiday with a picture of “mommy’s dinner” – a bowl of cheesy French onion soup and what looked like some pan-fried fish at Hotel Lutetia – a well-known luxury hotel, known for its architecture and history. This meal was also accompanied by some fresh-baked and sliced sourdough bread and a beautifully set wedge of butter, an element which is characteristic while serving or eating French meals.