Sara Ali Khan On A Keto Diet - How To Do Keto Right?
Image Credit: Sara is on a keto diet for a song shoot

Sara Ali Khan is one of those actresses who has been extremely body positive while sharing intricate details about her weight loss and fitness journey. The gorgeous lady has been very vocal about being on diets that are sustainable and preferable in the long run. She has spoken out against fad diets several times and strictly believes that balanced diet and regular workout can boost fitness. But recently, while on the sets of a song shoot, she posted a picture on her stories and captioned it diet time. The picture was of her lunch box which had keto marked on it. So, even the Simmba fame actress has adopted a keto diet to prepare for her song and dance sequence.

While keto does attract very polarizing views, from some people portraying it as an ideal diet while others calling it a sham, there is scientific reasoning behind following keto diet for weight loss. When on that diet, it forces the body to rely upon stored fat as energy rather than carbohydrates, helping achieve fitness goals faster, at least on the weighing scale. Let us look at how we can do keto diet in the right manner and have a sustainable fitness trajectory.

1. Have whole food instead of processed food. Just because the processed food that you might be eating is low on carbs does not mean it is healthy. Eating whole foods fulfill the nutrient requirements of the body, hence making it a more healthy and nourishing option. Having processed food with preservatives will cause roadblocks in your journey to lose weight.

2. Eat fresh vegetables that grow above the ground, especially leafy greens. Root vegetables like potatoes are high in carbs, so try to eat veggies like spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower. They provide the body with essential micro nutrients

Cauliflower rice is a great keto option | Pexels

3. High quality lean meat consumption is very important. If you are on a non-vegetarian keto diet, try to include lots of meat in your diet. Fish, chicken and even eggs are great options because they are packed with protein and low in fat too. But remember to always do a quality check and prefer eating fresh meat. Processed meat options like bacon or sausages are very high in sodium, which leads to bloating.

4. Although fruit consumption during keto is supposed to be minimal, you can eat the ones that are very low in carbohydrates. Different types of berries like strawberry and blueberries can be eaten in moderation to provide anti-oxidants to the body. But high sugar and carb fruits like banana and mangoes should be avoided.

5. Stay away from processed keto diets. Often, people on keto tend to eat pre-packaged keto meals from outside. This should not be a custom, but an exception in most cases because regularly eating packed and processed food will provide the body with minimal micro nutrients. This might harm the overall goal and make you weak instead of fit.

Keto diet is not very complicated if you stick to the thumb rule of eating fresh, non-processed food and focus on working out. The final results depend on different bodies that people have, but to do the process right is in our hands (and plates).