Missed Sara Ali Khan all this while? The fun-loving and bubbly actress is enjoying some me time in London. The actress belongs to the royal Pataudi family and is a new-age actress in the Bollywood industry. Her bold and confident personality is what makes her so distinct and unique. Another thing that shines bright in her nature is her love for food. The Atrangi Re actress after giving a super-successful film to her fans, is relaxing in London. Her mini-vacation is all about roaming around the streets of the city and exploring untouched corners. Amidst this, we see a pop of colour as she wears some bright and colourful outfits each day. 

Featuring in the Love Aaj Kal sequel and plenty of other popular films, Sara Ali Khan has proven her worth in the industry. What else? Well, she definitely has a unique charisma that allures people and it is her innocence that makes everyone love her. The weight loss journey of the Indian actress is no stranger to us. Yet, she manages to squeeze in some time to give in to her indulgences. Remember the first day of her vacation when she made us crave all the amazing Korean dishes she was having as part of her 12-course meal. Looks like we have another food goals picture with us now. 

She took to her Instagram stories and shared a collage of her two moods. In the first picture, the Simmba actress was seen holding a cup of coffee in her hands. In the one below it, she is seen holding a fork and knife and digging into her plate full of food. We see some grilled chicken in the centre with some bread on the side. There’s a creamy dip and some mashed potatoes to go with it. There’s a small ceramic blue glass with a drink which we’re assuming is black coffee. On the side, there is a bowl full of sautéed vegetables, from carrots to beans and other greens. 

She captions the first one saying, “Yummy with Mommy #incognito” and calls the second one “Caffeine and Protein #goals”. We’re already feeling hungry with her large plate. Here’s what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Sara Ali Khan

To satiate the hunger, we have some delectable English recipes that you can try at home. 

1.  Eggy Bread 

Did you know that the British refer to the famous French toast as Eggy bread? The milk, eggs and sugar combination is whisked together like usual with hints of cinnamon. The bread is dipped in this and shallow-fried on a pan. This is then made crispy and served with some icing, sugar and jam on top. 

2.  Kedgeree 

Heard of this before? You must have heard of khichdi for sure. This kedgeree is a British and Indian confluence of khichdi which is loaded with eggs, vegetables, spices and long grain rice. This meaty rice dish is dry and often eaten for breakfast as a wholesome meal. 

3.  Potato Scones 

These are bite-sized breakfast treats that can be sweet and savoury. In this case, the potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed to perfection. A batter of flour and butter is prepared and these potatoes are dunked in it. These are then pan-fried till they turn golden-brown. These small roundels are served with worcestershire sauce.