Santa's First Visit To India: We Found Out What He's Been Eating

Santa Claus is known for his big trip around the world on the 25th, but have you ever wondered what he does for the rest of the year? His home is in Rovaniemi, a city in Finland’s northernmost region, Lapland. Right on the Artic Circle, at the heart of Rovaniemi is Santa Claus village which is the hub of Christmas all year long. 

Santa (or Joulupukki as he’s known in Finland) is known for being quite an enthusiastic foodie. In fact when asked whether he likes food he just looked down at his infamous belly and asked, “Can’t you tell?” But that wasn’t enough, we wanted to know more about what our jolly patron of Yuletide’s favourite food and drink and thanks to our friends at Finnair - the official airline of Santa Claus since 1983 - we got a chance to speak with the big man himself when he came to India and ask him some of our most burning questions. 

Santa lands in Mumbai

I love Indian people and I love Indian food like naan and, that other bread…what is it called? Oh yes, paratha and tandoori chicken.

Other than the classic milk and cookies, what would you like people to leave out for you when you visit?

Carrots! One for me and three for reindeer. Maybe some juice and some berries. It’s a long journey on Christmas Eve, so we need more energy. Smoothies would also be nice.

What message would you send to our Slurrp family?

It’s almost Christmas time so be nice. And remember the Christmas spirit is sharing, caring and loving. Merry Christmas to all of you!