Sangeeta Bijlani's Lunch Was More Than A "Rainbow Of Veggies"
Image Credit: Instagram/Unsplash

Former Miss India (1980) and Bollywood actor Sangeeta Bijlani is ageing like fine wine. Sangeeta's successful stint in the pageant world led to her entry into Bollywood, where she acted in several popular films. Since the 1980s, she has maintained her status as a fashion icon, and despite not appearing on the silver screen for decades now, she remains a style icon and continues to inspire health, fitness, and fashion goals for Gen Z.

Sangeeta keeps sharing tidbits from her life on social media, which also include some of her beauty and diet secrets. Besides being a yoga enthusiast, Sangeeta likes to go to the gym for about 1-2 hours every day and has a wholesome diet to follow. From nuts and dry fruits to seasonal fruits and egg whites to green tea, Sangeeta likes to keep it balanced with bits of everything on her plate.

But all of that doesn't mean that Sangeeta doesn’t like to indulge. Just recently, Sangeeta updated us with snippets from her lunch table, and the three-course meal comprised all things vibrant, colourful, healthy, and delicious! In a series of pictures that she shared, we could see a glass full of lemon grass juice followed by a bowl of what looked like mango and barley salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, and crunchy baked nachos. "My lunch bowl today," Sangeeta wrote on the picture. Take a look:

If you thought that wholesome meal was it, wait for more. In the next picture, there was a platter with "a rainbow of veggies with black rice." From sauteed broccoli, and mushrooms to juliennes of carrots and beets, Sangeeta’s platter seems to be a perfect mix of flavour and health. Paired with black rice, fried tofu, and peanut satay sauce, it seems like Sangeeta had quite a feast. 

But is it even a complete meal if it doesn’t end with a sweet treat? Her wholesome lunch was completed with what looked like almond and chocolate chip blondies paired with a scoop of ice cream—sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? Sangeeta thought so too as she wrote "Irresistible, just a bite of this" with a tongue-out emoji. Take a look: 

Sangeeta’s lunch meal has definitely made us drool, but it has also reminded us how a balanced and wholesome meal is the secret to it all. Don’t you think so?