With over four million followers on Instagram, Sana Khan is a popular face from the Indian film industry. Worked across genres and languages, the actress started her career as a model long back. She featured in several advertisements, films and shows before she decided to quit the industry all together and get married to a highly-religious man a few years back. While her decision shocked a lot of people, she expressed that it was for “humanity” in an interview. Today, we see her as a proponent on God and religion, with her social media full of her new life. She started her holy journey for Mecca during Ramadan and has finally completed Umrah, a pilgrim ritual for Muslims. However, she hasn’t returned home yet and is enjoying a few days of relaxation in the city. 

Sana Khan might have given up all worldly pleasures to work for society but her love for food is not going anywhere anytime soon. The actress was making us envious of her gold-plated tea and saucer that she was holding, posing to drink from it while at the Burj Khalifa. This time, we saw her relishing a traditional Arabic breakfast in Mecca. The former model and actress began by showing us a dip that she was making. There was some curd on the plate and she poured some olive oil over it. Then, she sprinkled some seasonings on it. Next, we see her with a bowl of beans. In the audio, she tells us that is a classic Arabic dish called ful. These are beans which are eaten for almost all the meals in the Arab region. 

Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Sana Khan

Are you feeling hungry too? Here are classic Arabic dishes that you can try at home. 

1.  Mansaf 

The penchant for meaty dishes in the Arab world are no stranger to us. The Mansaf is one such meaty delight, made from lamb. The lightly roasted lamb is dunked in a yoghurt sauce that has been dried. The sourness of the yoghurt complements the juiciness of the lamb really. This white lamb dish is usually paired with rice. 

2.  Ful Medames 

This is the dish that Sana Khan was having too. It is typically from Egypt but the popularity is spread across the Middle-Eastern region. The fava beans are an important component of this dish, where these beans are mashed along with tomatoes, onions, garlic coriander, cucumber and a couple of spices. This is commonly eaten for breakfast in the Middle-East. 

3.  Kibbeh 

A crunchy snack that can be baked, fried or even eaten raw, kibbeh is a popular appetizer in the mezze platter. Hailing from Lebanon originally, the starter is made from ground meat, mixed with bulgur, onions, pine nuts, curry powder and a host of spices. This dish is usually served on celebratory occasions, along with some mint leaves and a creamy yoghurt dip.